La Negra
Casita La Negra 2015

La Negra

La Negra is a tropical den on the Pacific coast of Mexico, designed for relaxed people who want to have a tasty casual meal and a good time in a very eclectic atmosphere. Founded in the oldest house of the neighborhood, under an old tree, La Negra is frequently visited by families, retired people, pets, couples, kids, tourist and young local crowd; everyone part of this story since 2015.

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Sunday to Thursday – 6:00PM  to 11:00PM
Friday & Saturday  – 6:00pm to 12:00AM
329.298·0420 / 311·275·30·70

About Us

La Negra started as a small alternative project, after we had closed (and not because we wanted) our firs business by the beach, in wich we had invested all our energy. We were broken, yet full of ideas and motivation.

We quickly fell in love with the vibe of the town. We moved to our new home with our oldest daughter and our loyal Great Dane (to whom we owe the name) and started again; people were incredibly supporting, we loved what we do and soon we were enough inspired to add a new member to the family to our life project. Our little baby came with a big wave of improvements to the place, that little by little, resulted in the rooftop, two bars, bathrooms and a kitchen worthy of our guests.

We have to thank to the good souls who have joined this madness during these 6 years, and of course to our team that makes us strong always able to learn, serve and share smiles. Thanks for enjoying with us!

-Hector & Serena

The Music

Music brought us here and put us together as a family; that’s how important music is at La Negra. We choose carefully special world music sounds that our visitors can enjoy and remember. There will always be someone in charge of the music, to play some nice tunes that feed the soul and from time to time, motivate a good dancing. Listen some of the guest we’ve had and playlist we love the most in our Sound Cloud page!

La Negra SoundCloud - Listen Here!

Our Philosophy

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A Table

Welcome, we will be happy to have you in La Negra!
· The first reservation can be taken at 6:00 and the last one at 9:00pm.
· If you want to make a reservation for the same day and there is no availability online, please call to our phones after 3:00pm to check if we can help you [ 311-275-3070 /  329-298-0420 ]
– La Negra Team



Abasolo #11, Zona Dorada
Bucerías · Nayarit · Mx



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