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La Negra

La Negra is a tropical den on the Pacific coast of Mexico, designed for relaxed people who want to have a tasty casual meal and a good time in a very eclectic atmosphere. Founded in the oldest house of the neighborhood, under a huge tree, La Negra is frequently visited by families, retired people, couples, kids, tourist and local crowd; everyone part of this story since 2015.

WE ARE OPEN FROM MONDAY TO SATURDAY AT 6:00PM / CLOSED ON SUNDAYS / CONTACT:  311-275-3070 & 329-298-0420 (Phones after 3:00pm)

About Us

La Negra started as a small alternative project, after we had closed (and not because we wanted) our firs business by the beach, in which we had invested all our energy. We were broken, yet full of ideas and motivation.

We were fascinated with the vibe of the town and the charm of the tree house. We moved to our new home with our oldest daughter and our loyal Great Dane (to whom we owe the name) and started again; people were incredibly supporting, we loved what we do and soon we were enough inspired to add a new member to the family. Our little baby came with a big wave of improvements to our life project and to the place, that little by little, have resulted into the rooftop, two bars, bathrooms and a kitchen worthy of our guests.

We have to thank all the good souls who have joined this madness during all these years, and of course to our team that makes us strong always able to learn, serve and share smiles. Thanks for enjoying with us!

-Hector & Serena

What really matters...


· Be punctual, we will save your reservation for 10 minutes; If you think you will be late please call us to avoid assigning your table to someone else.

· Our ROOFTOP terrace is exclusive for couples and mixed groups (M/F) of adults 18+. Families of all ages, babies, children, couples, un-couples, business groups, friends and acquaintances from here and there, are welcome on the ground floor…

· You must leave us a note if there are minors in your group so we can assign your table to the appropriate area.

· Let us know if anyone in your group can’t use stairs.

· At least 50% +1 must be present to give you the table.

· During December-April season, you will have a time limit to occupy the table of 2 hours. If you plan to make your visit longer, please contact us [329-298-04-20]

· Sorry, we don't accept pets anymore! +Know why...

From Our Bar


Thanks for being part of this story…

La Negra Team

Work with us!

Our team is the heart of the place, if you are willing to learn and grow in a healthy work environment… apply to work with us!

✓ Salaries and benefits above the law.
✓ Punctuality bonuses.
✓ Food bonus
✓ Tips (Common fund).

  • Only adults who live in the bay.
  • Mention your expertise areas.
  • Add two references of previous jobs with contact number.




Abasolo #11, Zona Dorada
Bucerías · Nayarit · Mx




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